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Here at Newton Abbot CrossFit we want to prepare you for all the challeneges life throws at you on a daily baises. We want you to be ready for the unknown and the unknowable, beacuase daily tasks are ever changing.  We achive this by offering a broadly inclusive programme tailored to meet the needs of each and every individual that trains with us


The workload and intensity are scaled specifficly for your ability, because we recognise that the needs of an 80 year old Grandparent, Firefighter and professional Athlete will differ by degree and not kind. We uses a blend of gymnastic elements, Olympic weightlifting movements, kettle bell exercises and other real world activities to improve you ability across the ten components of fitness: strength, power, speed, stamina, cardio-respiratory endurance, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and flexibility.


Here at Newton Abbot CrossFit we pride ourself on being different than a regular gym. We see ourselfves as a club and community rather than just a training facility and we want you to feel like part of the family. Every member of our community will be made accountable as we see it as our duty of care to ensure that not only are you moving safety and effectively thoughout every workout, but you are happy, in a stress free enviroment  and your training is progressing in the right direstion.


The best way for you to understand what we are all about is to come on by. So we will look forward to seeing you soon. . .

and remember we have a FREE taster session!





Why The Lion?


The Lion symbolises Newton Abbot CrossFit as we believe we need to help humans to rekindle their natural instinct. For many years the fall towards bad personal fitness and health has played a key role in the current health of our nation with ever more diseased and obese human beings due to a less active and less challenging lifestyle.


Unlike the Lion (which we hold as a national symbol) we have lost our chase. These days our behaviour has become a less active, couch ridden and processed food methodology. We forget that 1000s of years ago our bodies where created to chase, hunt, gather and eat natural sources utilising our bodies abilities to overcome challenges. 


So here at Newton Abbot CrossFit our call is to help you regain your 'chase' by providing you with  your 'hunt' within the world fastest growing and extreamly effective fitness industry.


"Its better to attempt to live a day as a lion, than a 100 years as a sheep"

Benito Mussolini  


We also recognise many desirable characteristics held by a lion that have a huge relation to CrossFit. Firstly their community (Pride) a successfully environment In order to thrive and develop as a group. Full of team work, courage, respect, encouragement and fun. Secondly, they hold incredible physical and mental prowess across broad abilities in cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, speed, power, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. This community environment and the ability to utilised the 10 fitness domains are what CrossFit recognises as the key to maximise your potential for health and fitness. 





Why Never Stop Chasing?


Its simple, 0pening my own CrossFit affiliate was once a dream, but when you never stop chasing dreams become reality. I believe that if you never stop chasing you will eventually get to where you want to be no matter of your dream or goal. If i lion stops chasing then it would die! Why should we be any different. Make your life what you want and NEVER STOP CHASING!











So come along to Newton Abbot CrossFit find you inner Lion and Never Stop Chasing! 



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