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Ba(Hons) Degree: Sports Development and Coaching. 

Foundations Degree sports Development and Coaching

Level 3 Personal Trainer (REPS)

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 2 Strength and Conditionig, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebell, plyometics and Speed training

Level 2 CrossFit Coach

Level 1 Nutrition

Level 1 Athletics Coach

Level 1 Lacrosse Coach

First Aid and Trauma Certificate

Safeguarding Children

Equity in Sport 

Coaching and Personal Training Background

I have always been coaching and training others from athletics to football to everyday activities, but having a career in sport has always been the only option for me.  I went to University and studied Sports Development and Coaching,where I was able specialised my modules in health and fitness and strength and conditioning training. I gained my knowldge and expericance from being extreamly hands on with my learning and volunteering weekly to be a strength and conditioning coach and traininer for a number of the universites sports teams and individuals. I also set up my own strength and conditioning/ fitness club for the students traing out of the university state of the art sports science lab in my own time. Throughout my time at university I took all the  opportunities i could to learn and coach a wide range of  sports to a huge range of ages and abilities. Learning more about coaching and training became a passion and after university i moved to Australia to gain more! I abtained a position as a CrossFit Coach at a gym in Melbourne and also worked as a personal training where I ran indoor and outdoor group fitness classes, trained individual client and corporate groups. 


My CrossFit Pathway


I first found CrossFit in Jan 2012 while on a level one strength and conditioning course. There was a guy attending who was wearing these funny 'natural' trainers, already could Olympic lift and said he worked out at a place called a 'box'. So I obviously goggled it that night and loved what I saw. The next day I asked more about CrossFit and found out where and how to get involved. A week or so down the line I went along to Crossfit Plymouths free intro session. From there I was hooked. As a student studying sport development and coaching and with a passion for strength and conditioning I wanted to learn more about CrossFit, so 8 months later I got my Level 1 CrossFit Certification. Back at university I already had my own strength and conditions/Fitness training club set up, so I began incorporating CrossFit style session a few times a week. This spread, and soon I was taking sessions everyday for the student, free of charge out of my own time. Coaching Crossfit soon became a passion as it allowed me to utilise all what I had previously learnt and what I was studying at the time at university. Imeadiatly after university an opportunity to move to Australia and got a job at a CrossFit gym in Melbourne as an intern. I soon became part of the coaching team involved with the regular classes, kids session and advanced team. Making a career out of coaching Crossfit and opening my own gym was my dream but it soon became my goal after I attended the CrossFit Tour in Queenstown New Zealand. Here I got to meet, learn from and train with some of the worlds best Crossfit coaches and athletes such as the Founder and owner of CrossFit Greg Glassman, CrossFit guru Dave Castro and former Worlds Fittest and 7 time Crossfit games competitive Jason Khalipa along with CrossFit Games athletes Scott Panckik and Chad Macay.

Sporting Background


My problem is that I have always been a 'jack of all trades' type of sportsman, trying to be the best i could at far to much. My parents would constantly be driving me between training, matches and competitions for football, rugby, athletics, swimming, cricket and many many more activities. People always said that I had to specialise, but I could never choose. I far more enjoyed trying everything and I always wanted to do the best I possible could at it all. Due to this mentality I managed to gain county trials for football and rugby and competed in athletics for the South West England region. Also playin for the first team in rugby, football and lacrosse at university. I also enjoy a  range of hobbies such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, boady boarding, wakebarding, slacklining, golf and many more. You show me something or ask me to have a go and ill normally end up hooked and keep trying until i nail it. 

Owner: Matt Peterson

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